Material Girls | 6/2/20–6/3/20

Kate Bohunnis, Sam Gold, Anna Gore

Material Girls is a collaborative exhibition focused on material experimentation and new processes, the outcome of an 8-month studio residency. Each artist has pushed their practice beyond the normal limits of understanding, both in material and concept, to open the way for something new.

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Good News From Outer Space | 17/10/19–8/11/19

Nicholas Hanisch and Cassie Thring

This collaborative exhibition explores alternate realities by creating immersive installations. The work borrows from early science fiction productions to teleport the audience into their otherworldly and imagined spaces.

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Instant Gratification | 9/1/20-31/1/20

Nerida Bell, Ty Brookhart, Janine Dello, Bernadette Freeman, Jane Heron-Kirkmoe, Simone Linder-Patton, Kylie Nichols, Chris Webb

Instant Gratification examines technological advancements in written communication and the consequential transformation of our social interactions into a universal expectation of immediate gratification.

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Cultchafucker | 19/9/19–11/10/19

In a time of rapid change and growing collective concern for the state of our planet, this exhibition is a timely interrogation of Western consumerist culture. Bellosguardo’s monumental sculptural installations draw our attention to the environmental and cultural impact of construction, development, and gentrification.

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Feels Like Home | 14/11/19–13/12/19

Liz Butler, Elizabeth Close, Jasmine Crisp, Donovan Christie, Joe Felber, Peter Serwan

This exhibition is concerned with the indirect relationships between the urban landscape, community, place, and feelings of home. What does ‘home’ mean when the place around you is in a state of perpetual change?

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Reflecting Location | 19/9/19-11/10/19

The smallest details often allow us to understand the bigger picture. In the immersive Reflecting Location, Hurley presents captured details from around Adelaide that reflect our personal and collective relationships with the city. Projected footage is intercepted and augmented by a central sculptural form which reflects and refracts a recognisable yet distorted vision of Adelaide.

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