Sister City II | Andrea Przygonski (curator)

April 2022,

Dates TBC


Lead by Andrea Przygonski, Sister City spotlights “ cooperation across race, class and nation”  among female identified artists. Founded upon a similar 2018 project, Australian and international artists are partnered to create new work, to be exhibited at Praxis.

This intercontinental art project forges new relationships and pushes the paired artists in dynamic, at times challenging directions, exploring the boundaries of printmaking and collaborative practice across diverse media. Each collaborative team works together across barriers such as timezones, creating at least 4 artworks within the pair.

With no prescriptive or imposed theme, conceptual and physical boundaries are defined only by the artist partnerships. Przygonski is interested in the emergence of a richer "unified voice" found through the collaborative collision of two cross cultural makers. The project conceives of creativity as a nurturer and healer, a driving force explored through personalised and nurturing collaboration.