Action 6: Functional Artifice

Design a tool/machine from a mythical/religious narrative for the world today.

  • Follow your traditions
  • The object should look like what it does.

Amber Cronin is an emerging cross-disciplinary artist living and working on Kaurna Land. A recent graduate, her visual arts research is rooted in performative and sculptural gestures that engage the audience through the connection of memory, time and space.

Developed through a vocabulary of processes, forms emerge that reframe everyday actions as sites of ritual activity. Utilising elements of ceramics, textiles, performance, moulding and casting, Cronin’s studio experiments are gathered and displayed in combinations that facilitate meditations on connection and discovery.  

Conceived as a set of tools to better navigate this epoch of great upheaval, Caudex is a series of contemplative and playful forms that hint at a lost purpose. Tools are things that call us to action, and these speculative objects call us in a way that contemplates our relationship with the living world, retracing dormant lines of meaning that lie within us. Similarly, Ark gently acknowledges overlooked, discarded things that sit between human and plant realms. As sculptural metaphors these vessels were conceived to carry these markers of relationship, remembering what is sacred in this interrelationship. 

The work together articulates a vocabulary of forms and affects: textiles, ceramics, cast metals and botanical specimens. These sculptural objects are arranged together in a speculative narrative reimagining the way that we live with our own fragility and doubt by exploring the threads connecting ecology and art making. 

Cronin’s work considers a sculptural art practice as deep, ecological listening as the basis for better understanding our place in the world.