as above (so below) Alice Blanch + Hamish Donaldson

A still from Hamish and Alice's video work, showing birds flying over blue and the edge of the Super 8 film as media
Alice Blanch and Hamish Donaldson, As Above (So Below), 2021, Still image of video work, captured in Super 8 Archival Film. Image by artist, used with permission, 2021.

13 May - 11 June, 2021

OPENING | Thursday 13th May, 6-8pm

As Above (So Below) interrogates the scale of, and symbiosis between, humans and the universe. The artists “ address the greatest mistruth we base ourselves upon, the embodied belief of our separation from everything around us”.  This collaborative work sees both artists embrace new media, combining Donaldson’s ambient soundscape and Blanch’s Super 8 film camera footage in an “ an immersive sound and moving image experience”.


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Translation and recording by Sherry Lin.