Landscape image of Jess Mara's Oil Painting 'The Sort', depicting three baskets on a silk checked fabric.
Jess Mara, The Sort, Oil on Canvas, 2021. Image courtesy the Artist, used with permission.

BUNDLE | Jess Mara

13 May - 11 June 2021
OPENING | Thursday 13th May, 6-8pm

Bundle draws on personal domestic rituals and practices to reflect on the many loads we carry in day to day life.

Through a series of paintings Mara utilises concealed items and an introspective tone to examine both physical and emotional states.

Wrapped and held together, these items resist identification while signifying a myriad of daily encumbrances. They appear at times a comfort, a weight, something to hold, to nurture, to juggle or to sort, suggesting an attempt to find balance.


See Chinese Mandarin Audio guide below:

Translation and recording by Sherry Lin.