Edwina Cooper | relative weakness

A close up detail of Edwina Cooper's small work 'relative weakness', depicting stitched sailcloth and the words 'relative weakness' sewn in, as well as training red cord.
Image: Edwina Cooper, ‘relative weakness // Sickness of the Sea: Symptoms series (detail), 2021, Dacron sailcloth and Sailmakers thread, dimensions variable. Digital photograph by Rosina Possingham, used with permission, 2021.

13 May – 7 May 2021
OPENING | Thursday 13th May, 6-8pm

Edwina Cooper’s process based body of work interrogates our tenuous place in the natural world, through a deconstructed boat as medium. She navigates between our human frailty over water and ability to ‘overleap’ it through innovation, returning us to an admission of our false dominance in the natural elements. Cooper focuses on water as ‘life force’, and embroiders into sails made weak and impotent, as we face and grapple with our limits.

See the Catalogue:

Unique copy of catalogue displayed in gallery, made from delicate Sailcloth.

Hear Edwina in conversation with Emma Wotzke for Festival City on Radio Adelaide, beginning at 2:05.

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Translation and recording by Sherry Lin.