Action 2: Exercise (Direction/Discipline)

Describe 15 seconds using:

Reading (with globe)

  1980 tape on wall

Bottle brush Corkscrew

ƒ: DecisivenessTidiness  


       Don’t hide errors

           Dimensions to be decided at time of installation


Eleanor Amor is an emerging artist based in Adelaide, South Australia. Her practice revolves around relationships of support, absence and language. Through the use of sculpture, assemblage and installation her practice aims to materialise senses of disconnection and concurrence. 

Nat Penney is an artist based on the stolen land of the Kaurna people. She has a multidisciplinary practice which engages with kinetic installation, sculpture and painting, with a recent focus on furniture making and metal fabrication techniques.

Her work develops from within an ever-evolving state of uncertainty and indecision, belonging and not belonging, flailing through the peaks and troughs of searching for a fit, as she navigates her environments. She’s often searching to position unexpected material combinations and making processes in awkward and humorous states.

This installation "tired out with so much talking, so much listening, so much toil and play' addresses the lethargy of making. These sculptures highlight the foundations of an object; frames, tape, hooks and joins. Eleanor Amor and Nat Penney bring attention to the quiet errors and frameworks that are built within artworks. By stripping forms of function Amor and Penney created a body of work that plays with indecisiveness, producing a series of assertive objects tethered to their ineffectual state.