On Being an Artist: 11 Actions

30 July - 21 August 2020

Artists | Jess Taylor, Nat Penney & Eleanor Amor, Jonathan Kim, Tom Borgas, Rebecca McEwan, Amber Cronin, Christina Peek, Sasha Grbich & Kelly Reynolds, Yusuf Hayat, Jasmine Crisp, Patrick Cassar | Curated by eDuard Helmbold and Gabi Lane

On Being an Artist is an exhibition comprising of 11 Actions inspired by Michael Craig Martin’s collection of memoiresque essays of the same title. After gleaming insights, advice and interesting quotes from Martin’s text, these quotes were misread and applied as instructions on being an artist in the style of Hans Ulrich Obrist’s ‘Do It’ Exhibitions conceived in the 1990s.

Image: Jess Taylor, Action 1: Cradle of Decadence (detail) ,2020, in progress digital render of 3D printed sculpture, dimensions variable.


18 June – 16 July 2020

Artists | Edwina Cooper, Catherine Fitz-Gerald, Mark Niehus, Bridgette Minuzzo

“Under the waves, water is invisible while air has form; a string of pearls, a mercurial splash, a cloud. In slow motion an ordinary moment becomes sublime, time is stretched, and our attention is heightened…” – Bridgette Minuzzo

We are all connected by, and with, bodies of water. Submerge considers the visual power of water and its capacity for subjective experience and perception. Through painting, moving image, mural and installation these artists delve deep into what lies beneath the surface, both literally and metaphorically. This group of artists explore the elegant complexity and beauty of our relationship with water and the subconscious.

IMAGE: Bridgette Minuzzo, Portal Series, acrylic on board, diameter variable.