12 November - 11 December 2020

Nicole Clift, Nancy Downes, Zoe Freney,
Zoe Kirkwood, Lucy Turnbull, Talia Wignall

Life forms connects to the minor phenomena that are felt and experienced, but can go unnoticed in life, the moments where the average becomes extraordinary. These can be found in homes or in the topography of our intimate being, inside and outside of ourselves - our bodies, families, communities and known worlds.

Image: 'Life Forms' installation view, Praxis Artspace. Artwork by Nicole Clift (Left) and Nancy Downes (Right). Photography by Sam Roberts

SUGAR | Coming Soon

11 February- 6 March 2021

Bianka Kennedy

Sugar? Sweet! But what do sugars in our body look like? Take a walk through an engaging exhibition of new works by visual artist and theatre designer Bianka Kennedy. Inspired by the research of scientist, Dr. Matthew Briggs, Bianka’s sculptures have been created through exploration of complex sugars in the body. A family and access encouraged event.

Image 1: Bianka Kennedy in the studio with work in progress for SUGAR, George Street Studios. Photo by Jake Shaw