On Being an Artist: 11 Actions

30 July - 21 August 2020 | SALA EXHIBITION

Artists | Jess Taylor, Nat Penney & Eleanor Amor, Jonathan Kim, Tom Borgas, Rebecca McEwan, Amber Cronin, Christina Peek, Sasha Grbich & Kelly Reynolds, Yusuf Hayat, Jasmine Crisp, Patrick Cassar | Curated by eDuard Helmbold and Gabi Lane

On Being an Artist is an exhibition comprising of 11 Actions inspired by Michael Craig Martin’s collection of memoiresque essays of the same title. After gleaming insights, advice and interesting quotes from Martin’s text, these quotes were misread and applied as instructions on being an artist in the style of Hans Ulrich Obrist’s ‘Do It’ Exhibitions conceived in the 1990s.

Image: Jess Taylor, Action 1: Cradle of Decadence (detail) ,2020, in progress digital render of 3D printed sculpture, dimensions variable.

Stay Positive

27 August-25 September 2020 | SALA EXHIBITION

Dan Withey 

Stay positive in an ever increasing world of darkness and negativity. Dan’s mantra is to stay positive, never give up, do the best you can… and TRY NOT TO BE A DICK (emphasis on try!)

This show is a step into the strange mind of Dan Withey, a 34 year-old straight-white-guy. Who would think he's interesting? Bear with us, it will be fun.Together, we will delve into the twisting labyrinth of the artist’s brain, through a maze of bold colours and eccentric characters.

We take a look at work from Dan’s past and the present in this retrospective of thought. Traversing a range of contemporary issues, Withey parodies our current situation in an increasingly confusing world.

IMAGE: Dan Withey, Flowers in blue vase, 2020, acrylic on canvas, 122x122cm. Photo by Brent Liederitz