relative weakness | Edwina Cooper

13 May – 7 May 2021


SOLO EXHIBITION by Edwina Cooper

OPENING | Thursday 13th May, 6-8pm

Cooper’s process based body of work relative weakness interrogates our tenuous place in the natural world, through a deconstructed boat as medium. She navigates between our human frailty over water and ability to ‘overleap’ it through innovation, returning us to an admission of our false dominance in the natural elements. Cooper focuses on water as ‘life force’, and embroiders into sails made weak and impotent, as we face and grapple with our limits.

Image: Edwina Cooper, ‘relative weakness // Sickness of the Sea: Symptoms series (detail), 2021, Dacron sailcloth and Sailmakers thread, dimensions variable. Digital photograph by Rosina Possingham, used with permission, 2021.

as above (so below) | Alice Blanch and Hamish Donaldson

15 April – 7 May 2021

Alice Blanch + Hamish Donaldson

As Above (So Below) interrogates the scale of, and symbiosis between, humans and the universe. The artists “address the greatest mistruth we base ourselves upon, the embodied belief of our separation from everything around us”. This collaborative video and sound work sees both artists embrace new media, combining Donaldson’s ambient soundscape and Blanch’s Super 8 footage in an “an immersive sound and moving image experience”.

Image: Alice Blanch and Hamish Donaldson, As Above (So Below), 2021, Still image of audiovisual work, captured in Super 8 Archival Film. Image by  the artists, used with permission, 2021.

Bundle | Jess Mara

13 May - 11 June 2021


Mara’s ethereal paintings in Bundle draw on personal domestic rituals, reflecting the loads we carry in day to day life. The artist uses concealed items to investigate place and identity. Unremarkable parcels are wrapped and held, that resist identification. Her figures and their small objects sit among rich colour palettes, signifying a myriad of daily encumbrances.

Image: Jess Mara, The Sort, Oil on Canvas, 2021. Image courtesy the artist, used with permission.