Kindness is a Boomerang | Dan Withey | SALA Festival Finalist



July 29 – August 27, 2021

OPENING Postponed | Thursday 29 July, 6-8pm


Withey's new body of work depicts multifaceted characters, amusing in their eccentric humanity. He continues
his investigation of abstract and figurative storytelling through anthropomorphic, playful forms such as birds, rainbows
and architecture.

But the lightness and fun of his "mad quirky paintings" is balanced by a rich inner world and sincere investigation of
our challenging realities. The work is grounded in a sense of place, with the significant influence of Adelaide. Kindness is a Boomerang’s bright, eccentric paintings are rich with Withey’s own visual language. Through his works we find our way through the vacillating absurdities of life.


Image: Dan Withey, 2021. 'The Struggle', Acrylic on Canvas, Courtesy the Artist

Kaleidoscope | Celebrating Artists' Residencies


KALEIDOSCOPE | Group Exhibition 

9 – 25 September, 2021

ARTISTS: Nerida Bell, Steven Bellosguardo, Alice Hu, Jonathan Kim, Kylie Nichols, Georgia Scott-Mills, Stella Vanska

We are proud to support the 'Kaleidoscope' exhibition on behalf of Helpmann Academy. Following the success of their national and international residencies offered by Helpmann Academy, this group of early career artists  present work created during or following their experiences.


Image: Steven Bellosguardo, ‘Palladium’ (detail), 2021, steel, dimensions variable, Courtesy the Artist.

Print Council of Australia (PCA), PRINT COMMISSION 2021


PCA's Print Commission 2021 | Finalists to be announced soon

25 September - 10 October 2021
Praxis Artspace is launching an inaugural satellite exhibition by the sea.
The Fleurieu Peninsula will be host to this exciting national exhibition.

More details to come soon! 


Image: IMPRINT Magazine is the Print Council of Australia's unique magazine celebrating and supporting printmaking artists. 

TARNANTHI 2021 Exhibition | Ernabella Artists


Iriti-nguru nintini kuwari-kutu
Translation: 'Showing the past in the present'

7 – 29 October, 2021

OPENING | Thursday 7 October, 6-8pm


Ernabella Arts (Pukatja), on the Aṉangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands of South Australia, is Australia’s oldest, continuously running First Nations art centre.

A key element of this longevity is the passing down of cultural knowledge from older artists and family members to the younger generations. For Tarnanthi 2021, early-career, emerging and established artists present paintings and works in diverse media that highlight connections and knowledge-sharing between old and young.


Image: Carlene Thompson, Painting en plein air, Pitjantjara