PRESENCE | Current Exhibition

11 March - 1 April 2021

Felix Atkinson, Angelique Joy, Danny Jarratt, Ellen Sleeman-Taylor, Henry Wolff

Presence creates spaces of autonomous self-reflection and explores how these spaces are navigated by the body. The body becomes the point of departure; its dimensions and the space it occupies, the narratives it holds and how these unfold around it. The reinterpretation of bodily presence evokes the queer or gender non-conforming body, allowing for a tender consideration of how we perform gender and identity.

Image: Felix Atkinson, slowdance, 2020, synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 107 x 107cm.

Running Towards Home | Upcoming Exhibition

15 April – 7 May 2021

Solo Exhibition by Harriet McKay

Running Towards Home is a meditation on the personal longing for place, community, and domesticity. Incited by a feeling of isolation as a result of bushfire smoke and covid-19 related travel bans, this exhibition reflects on McKay’s personal experiences of home - both as a conceptual framework and as a physical site of rejuvenation and material memory.  Through a combination of pen, hand-dyed cotton and felt on raw calico, Running Towards Home explores the need for tangible connection - with place and people - to heal in times of great communal longing, exasperation, and loss.

Image: Harriet McKay, Hen, 2020, pen, hand-dyed cotton and felt on raw calico, 118 x 93cm (unframed). Courtesy the artist.

(Personal Attention) | Upcoming Exhibition

15 April – 7 May 2021

Solo Exhibition by Kate Kurucz

(Personal Attention) is a show driven by a year in which many of us experienced isolation and used technology to seek new forms of intimacy and connection. Drawing a link between YouTube's popular ASMR videos and a masked radio star from the 1940's, the work offers a window into our shared and timeless need to feel that we are not alone.

Image: Kate Kurucz, 'Looking at the back of my head' (detail), 2021, oil on copper, 60 x 90cm. Courtesy the artist.