Captured at PRAXIS on 07 Nov, {iptcyear} by Rosina Possingham.

Gallery Assistant Position – Praxis Artspace, Bowden

Discover the Extraordinary: Join Our Team in a Contemporary Commercial Gallery

Are you passionate about contemporary art, fuelled by the desire to showcase ground-breaking talent, and ready to leave an indelible mark on the art world? Look no further! An extraordinary opportunity awaits you as gallery assistant in our prestigious contemporary commercial gallery.

The Gallery:

Step into a world where creativity knows no boundaries. Our gallery stands at the forefront of the art scene, dedicated to promoting cutting-edge artists and revolutionising the way art is experienced. With an eclectic collection that pushes boundaries, we provide a dynamic platform for artists to express their vision and captivate the imagination of a diverse and discerning audience.

The Role:

You can play a pivotal role in shaping the artistic direction of our gallery. You will have the rare opportunity to curate compelling exhibitions, selecting awe-inspiring works that challenge conventions, provoke thought, and inspire dialogue. Your expertise will guide the narrative, giving voice to emerging and established artists alike, fostering connections between their work and our passionate art enthusiasts.

What You'll Do:

Develop captivating exhibition concepts, infusing them with your visionary approach.
Identify and engage with exceptional artists, uncovering hidden gems and nurturing their artistic journeys.
Collaborate with the gallery team to create immersive and impactful exhibition spaces that elevate the artistry.
Conduct comprehensive research on artists, art movements, and market trends, enabling informed decisions and forward-thinking strategies.
Foster relationships with collectors, critics, and industry influencers, expanding our network and enhancing our gallery's reputation.

Hours | Wednesday-Saturday (20+ hours per week)
Reporting to | Gallery Director

Who You Are:

A dynamic curator with a deep understanding and appreciation for contemporary art, coupled with a keen eye for exceptional talent.
A trendsetter, always one step ahead of the art world, seeking out emerging artists and pushing boundaries.
A natural collaborator, skilled at building relationships with artists, collectors, and the wider art community.
A consummate researcher, with a thirst for knowledge and an insatiable curiosity that fuels your artistic endeavours.
A creative with the ability to curate exhibitions that ignite conversation and challenge conventional thinking.

Perks and Benefits:

The chance to curate ground-breaking exhibitions that will shape the future of contemporary art.
Access to a diverse and vibrant art community, connecting you  with artists, collectors, and thought leaders.
An inspiring and supportive work environment, fostering creativity and personal growth.
Competitive salary depending on experience with opportunities for professional development.
The satisfaction of making a lasting impact in the art world and shaping the artistic discourse of our time.

Apply Now:

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling artistic journey in our prestigious contemporary commercial gallery? Seize this opportunity to curate transformative exhibitions, ignite creative conversations, and leave an indelible mark on the art world. Apply now by submitting your resume, portfolio, and a cover letter showcasing your vision and curatorial prowess. Contact Details of 2-3 Referees (preferably in the arts) will complete the package.

Apply directly to Patty Chehade, Gallery Director.

Unleash your creative spirit and join us in redefining the boundaries of contemporary art! Together, we will captivate minds, inspire change, and shape the future of artistic expression.

We encourage you to contact us directly if you have further questions.


Installation views:
Above: GOOD NEWS FROM OUTER SPACE, Nicholas Hanisch and Cassie Thring, 2019, Photo Rosina Possingham
Below: Life Forms, Rebecca Evans, AGSA (guest speaker), 2020; Photo Sam Roberts
Bottom: Pierre Mukeba, CHAOS, 2023

Praxis_Life Forms_opening_Nov12 2020_ 216_LoRes
Pierre Mukeba | CHAOS Emotions of Colour