Action 10: Permission II

Do whatever comes into your head or catches your imagination


Jasmine Crisp is an emerging artist born and based in Adelaide, South Australia. She is a current recipient of the Praxis ARTSPACE residency and past recipient of the Carclew artist in residence program, which she began after graduating with a Bachelor of Visual Art Honours at Adelaide Central School of Art (2017). Recently she has produced her first solo show, participated in three international artist residencies across Iceland and Finland, been awarded first prize in the 2019 10th Prospect Portrait Prize and the 2018 YouthScape Art Prize, achieved multiple peoples choice awards and has been included as a finalist in the SALA Advertiser awards, Emma Hack Art Prize and Kennedy Art Prize.

Jasmine's painting practice is driven by her interest in the relationships between people and their objects, surrounding environments and how chosen belongings/places are used as forms of connection and self-identification. Her paintings are constructed from images derived from her direct personal experiences, belongings, homeplace, travels and people known to her.

For 'On being an artist' Jasmine recieved the action of 'Permission II' and presents her latest self-portrait 'Mum’s out bums out'.

"In this self-portrait I stand glaring under the scorching backyard sun of mum’s old home near Seacliff beach where I stayed temporarily after returning from residencies in Scandinavia last year. On my first day back, I was harassed by a man who attempted to stop me from boarding my train. After feeling entirely safe in Scandinavia, this incident instantly reminded me of my female existence at home. I re-assumed my protective, defensive role in public, losing trust in others and shrinking my existence. Reactively, I also began practicing nudity privately at home. In this portrait my stare is direct, but does not intend to blame, ask for sympathy, apology or permission. Instead, my stance is a self-declaration, a stand to exist at home, to be confident in the body I have, and to do my washing in peace."