Michael Carney, 'Paths', Oil on canvas, 
137 x 102 cm
Michael Carney, 'Paths', Oil on canvas, 137 x 102 cm


Transhuman Nature is a personal exploration of Michael Carney's experience of nature through the lens of technology.

The exhibition showcases a variety of mediums and techniques that aim to build a visual language that reflects the artist's unique perspective on the natural world.

This exhibition explores mediums as varied as sculpture, painting, ceramics, 3D-printing, virtual reality and projection. This interdisciplinary approach, recently termed 'intermediality', allows viewers to not only consider 'what it means?', but rather 'what it does?' Creating considerations about how the media relate to one another and ultimately how the 'intermedial' object relates to you, the audience.

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Catalogue essay by Belinda Howden.

Image left: ‘Paths’, Oil on canvas, 137 x 102 cm