George Raftopoulos, Captain and Scout


Captain and Scout
Oil on linen
180 x 150cm



They walk amongst us is reference to the mythological, allegorical abstractions of George’s works. Layered with a sense of ‘the past’, referencing memory, allowing the works and imagery to present themselves organically. George believes that if they become forced or contrived they are destroyed, yet can be rebuilt with another layer of imagery, borne by the employment of luscious line and textural painting.

Figures and faces in George’s work become omnipresent as they reveal themselves slowly. They breathe from beneath line work as the forms seep to the surface. These characters are at once biographical and ‘mythological’. His Grecian references draw from the story of The Iliad, one which is important to the the artist as he references himself as ‘Odysseus’ on a journey of discovery all the while being brave and fearless.