Action 5: Homage to “An Oak Tree”

Create a piece with water that is:

  • Self-Referential
  • Temporary
  • Repeatable at any scale


Rebecca McEwan is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice focuses on the intrinsic connections between humans and the natural world. Exploring ancient wisdoms, stories and folklore she works to reawaken awe and reinstate our lost reverence with the environment in which we live. She has recently been focusing on water and the stories and information that it can hold.           

The notion of being able to change water plays on my mind. Water into ice, water into gas, water into wine, water holding memory, water holding secrets, water as an oak tree.

Dr Masaru Emoto’s water experiments of the nineties revealed an ability to influence and change the nature of water by the words he used around it. Widely discredited for his lack of  scientific methodology, his twenty year magnum opus was firmly and securely placed on the pseudoscience shelf.

Sometimes, just for a moment, I like to entertain a little bit of trust in his experimental aquaphilic quackery. With every biological system requiring water to function how much power might this give us to change what exists within and around us?            

We inhale water, we exhale water, we carry and relocate it. Water is a constant, maybe we just need to place a little more trust in the magic of our words and water.