Lily Trnovsky

“Where Warm Hands Have Prest, Silence Til I Be Silent Too”, 2023, raku, stoneware, padlocks, dimensions variable by Lily Trnovsky.


We are excited to share news of our 2024 studio resident!

Lily Trnovsky is the recipient of our 12-month Praxis Artspace Studio Residency.

The artist combines her contemporary practice with notions derived from Romanticism which focus on the dilemma of love and loss. As Alfred Tennyson said: ‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Trnovsky’s ceramic vessels are chained and padlocked to each other to reflect the tense relationship between love and death, writes Jane Llewellyn for InReview.

Photography: James Field @jamesfieldphoto