Marian Sandberg

Marian Sandberg is the 2023 Praxis Artspace Studio recipient.

Through her work, Sandberg endeavours to figure out what it means to be human in this age of technology.

Marian’s artwork (pictured) ‘The Presence’, 2023, was created during her residency with us. It collapsed past technology with current technological concerns. The moving sculpture was considered, polished, and eerie as it echoed the perpetual digital scrolling of the modern day.

Marian Sandberg, testimonial: “The Praxis Studio Residency is an invaluable bridge between tertiary study and professional visual arts practice. A fully funded, fully supported space adjoining a contemporary gallery allows a unique window in to the wider arts community by promoting access to visiting artists, curators and arts workers. Being part of an active studio community straight out of university motivated me to make ambitious work and build studio habits which will fuel my practice for years to come.”
We will be keeping a close eye on you Marian and look forward to seeing what you make for our ‘Materiality’ exhibition in 2024 @praxisartspace

Artwork photography: Sam Roberts @samrophoto