9 March - 2 April

Alice Blanch, Amber Cronin, Kirsty Martinsen and Lucy Turnbull


Alice Blanch
Amber Cronin
Kirsty Martinsen and
Lucy Turnbull

Featuring poetry by Virginia Barrett

9 March – 2 April 2022

The Apparent Divide is the space far off in the distance where the earth meets the sky. As humans we map and trace the contours of the landscape as far as we can see and beyond, we use these maps to orient ourselves because there is a comfort in knowing where we are in relation to everything that is around us. However, in reality the landscape is constantly shifting, perhaps in imperceivable ways to our human time, but we are nevertheless on a constant course for change. Presenting new work from Kirsty Martinsen, Amber Cronin, Alice Blanch and Lucy Turnbull, The Apparent Divide is a meditation on horizons and our place in the universe, inviting contemplation of relationships between land and sky, artist and viewer, vivid colour and quiet spaciousness.

ACCESS WEEKEND | Saturday 2nd of April