14 November - 13 December

Various Artists

Feels Like Home

Artists: Liz Butler, Elizabeth Close, Jasmine Crisp, Donovan Christie, Joe Felber, Peter Serwan | Curated by Gabi Lane

OPENING | Thursday 14th Nov, 6-8pm
GUEST SPEAKER | Gabi Lane, praxis Curator

While on the surface our streets are becoming more beautified, idyllic and picturesque, the effects of change have a deeper and more permeating impact. Rising tourism numbers and the proliferation of Air bnb culture are nods this. On the surface our councils welcome gentrification and redevelopment, but all the while the community laments the loss of their suburb’s personality, a loss of culture that runs even deeper.

The old Pizza Hut store, an alleyway filled with so many graffiti tags that it’s become its own destination, a brick cobbled street that no-one has the heart to replace, a 200 year old red gum rooted firmly within place and culture; these are the places that take us to the stories that are inevitably ours, too familiar to belong anywhere other than the places we call home.

Even as we travel across borders, across the seas, there is still a feeling of home in every place we visit. And, although we may speak different languages and wake up to a different landscape each morning, there is still that thing, that ineffable quality, which feels like home.

Read the Curator’s Opening Speech by Gabi Lane

“We are connected by our relationship to our home of the past, present, and future – and in this show it is the artists’ who narrate this relationship.”

Gabi Lane, Curator’s opening speech