9 January - 31 January

Various Artists

Instant Gratification

Artists: Nerida Bell, Ty Brookhart, Janine Dello, Bernadette Freeman, Jane Heron-Kirkmoe, Simone Linder-Patton, Kylie Nichols, Chris Webb

OPENING | Thursday, 9 January, 6-8pm
GUEST SPEAKER | Peter Drew, Artist

Instant Gratification examines technological advancements in written communication and the consequential transformation of our social interactions into a universal expectation of immediate gratification.

Instant Gratification has been supported by the Helpmann Academy.

Read the Catalogue Essay by Andrew Herpich

“Contemporary media and communication systems have drastically changed people’s physical connection to the meaning and accessibility of information as a whole. Anybody can know anything instantly. As a result, endless feeds of information have altered cultural customs and reduced the physical processes tied to seeking or sharing knowledge. These high-speed modes of communication reduce information selectivity and over-saturate society with higher proportions of meaningless information.”

Ty Brookhart, Instant Gratification Artist