20 September - 5 October

An initiative of Doctor’s Health SA

Art of Medicine

An initiative of Doctor’s Health SA, the ‘Art of Medicine’ Exhibition features artworks by a variety of doctors, who maintain an artistic practice to complement, enhance, or sometimes eclipse their medical career.

Art can be all-consuming and demanding, not dissimilar to the rigours of the medical profession. The artists in ‘Art of Medicine’ have all come to art through different avenues, some creating work as a hobby while others have plunged head-first into life as a practicing artist. ‘Art in Medicine’ shows us the ingenuity of the doctor/artist through a range of contemporary and mixed-media artworks.

Watch a video walk-through of ‘Art of Medicine’

“There are many ways you can put art into your life, and it’s a real energiser. It is so important for everyone to have some outlet for creativity and give them permission to explore, make mistakes and find what really drives them.”

Dr Pam Rachootin, ‘Art of Medicine’ artist