27 July - 26 August

David Hume


Inaugural SALA Solo Photography Prize

  • SALA Opportunity
  • CCP
  • Atkins Lab
  • Praxis Artspace

Praxis Artspace Presents David Hume’s ‘Fleurieu, Perceptions of Place’ exhibition as the inaugural recipient of the ‘SALA Solo Photographic Opportunity’.

‘Fleurieu, Perceptions of Place’, will showcase Hume’s unique perspective on photographic practice while highlighting the beauty of the Fleurieu coast.

With a notable exhibition history focussing on paintings of the Australian landscape, Hume has gained recognition for his engaging artistic responses and thematic exploration. This latest series of works marks a shift to photography and extends the range of traditional photographic techniques to offer fresh interpretations of the Fleurieu coastline. By challenging traditional notions of photography, he invites viewers to reconsider the boundaries of the medium and its ability to communicate emotions and experiences.

Employing a range of techniques, Hume’s process begins with images captured on film. He then employs various methods such as wet chemical printing, colouring with oils and pencil, lenticular printing and digital techniques to present his distinct artistic vision. Through this interdisciplinary approach, Hume offers viewers a new perspective on the possibilities of photographic practice and a unique representation of the coast’s beauty.

‘Fleurieu, Perceptions of Place’ is an exhibition that challenges existing notions and invites viewers to embark on a visually engaging journey. Hume has returned to representations of the Australian landscape with a multidisciplinary approach merging photography, painting and digital techniques to present unique perspectives on a familiar subject.

David Hume:

I’m fascinated by how photography, starting as an act of observation, can then become more than just a record, I want to use it to communicate a sense of place, of beauty and familiarity through new means, by challenging notions of what constitutes photography.

Photography has always existed alongside other art forms, and I find great value in the dialogue that is possible between photography and other artistic practices. For me, any technique must serve firstly as a vehicle for intent, and by exploring the relationships between mediums, I aim to create fresh ways of sharing the beauty and sense of place that has captivated me along this coast for as long as I can remember.