23 November - 16 December

Trena Everuss


The soft pastel drawings by Trena Everuss continue her interest in urban environments and making the ordinary become extra-ordinary.

Travelling to Asia frequently I am fascinated by the world that exists behind the tourist-focused sights. Often, I can find fodder for the extraordinary, as was the case with the trees on top of a shop, other times I make it happen. It was also the case with the drawings based on my “ at home” surroundings. During Covid shutdown I walked around my district and was delighted with the visual elements offered by the familiar.  

Equally important as representing place, is the formalism in her drawings.

I aim to create a distancing of the subject by focussing on the design elements of the picture. By doing so, an intimate representation of a familiar scene is created in conjunction with an abstract, in some cases a moody image. This gives the drawing the contrasting qualities of a strongly detailed memory and a detached more abstract scene.