24 June - 23 July

Dave Court


Laser cut paintings, projection mapping, Virtual Reality and subverted Venus de Milii abound in HOUSE PARTY. A lived domestic space is reclaimed by Court’s bright gestural forms, turned out into the public sphere at Praxis.

Court toys with reality and its constructed approximations, probing this boundary through digital renders and VR iterations. His bright swathes of colour probe at our engagement with almost-reality.

The works playfully ask how we define ourselves and Others, in hybrid spaces where the rules of engagement are still being negotiated.

This reclaimed iteration pulls focus to colonial forces. Court’s bold forms dominate this formerly private home, just as the interloping house and Pine trees once dominated Kaurna land.

HOUSE PARTY puts forward collaborative projects like this as a catalyst for community and reconnection, a last stand in a time of extreme digital content saturation and separation.

His laser cut works are tied to a non-fungible token (NFT). With NFTs, Court steps into another digital space,, where aura is low, and the definitions of ownership and objectdom are in flux.

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