22 September - 14 October

Maddie Grammatopoulos

Which Made This Place Home

The items we surround ourselves with hold meaning, memories, feelings. The moments that shake us to our core, that move us, that scare us, that remind us of gratefulness. Our lives are watched by the things we surround ourselves with.

‘Which Made This Place Home’ is a film piece, documenting a series of poignant moments in a family home through the eyes of various house hold objects. Film projection, set design, improvisation, and a cinematic score lay the foundation for this fictional narrative piece. Loosely inspired by family experiences, entwined with my own niggling anxieties and imagination, this project explores loss, love, and the unexpectedness that is life.

Objects are just things. Things that we can touch, smell, see. But ultimately, it’s the moments we share in the presence of them, and the memories in which we attach to them, that make them so significant.

Maddie Grammatopoulos 2021

Written, Directed and Produced | Maddie Grammatopoulos
Original Score | Motez
Cinematography | Nick Frayne