19 September - 11 October

Calum Hurley

Reflecting Location

Opening event | Thursday 19th September 2019, 6-8pm
Guest Speaker | Emma Fey, CEO Guildhouse
Artist Walking Tour | Saturday 5th October 2019, 3-4:30pm

The smallest details often allow us to understand the bigger picture. In the immersive Reflecting Location, Hurley presents captured details from around Adelaide that reflect our personal and collective relationships with the city. Projected footage is intercepted and augmented by a central sculptural form which reflects and refracts a recognisable yet distorted vision of Adelaide.


Calum Hurley lead the walking group through the Bowden area surrounding the gallery. In the same process by which the exhibition ‘Reflecting Location’ was developed, Calum facillitated a slow observation of the urban geography using handheld mirrors. Participants are invited to reflect on the seemingly minute moments of beauty to be found in the stark urban landscape, and develop their photography skills to capture these moments.

This walking tour can be taken by anyone, anytime, using the map provided below.

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