28 July - 19 August

Anna Revesz

Divine Machina

Artist Bio

Anna Révész is an emerging, Adelaide-based artist working across several mediums, with a particular interest in photography and the opportunities it presents to capture, relive or totally reinvent moments in time. Révész explores the interchange between past and present moments and attempts to navigate spaces of instability and uncertainty. A graduate of Flinders University/ Adelaide College of the Arts, Révész often utilises both digital and analogue photography to explore ideas of memory and how it is created, sustained or reconstructed. She allows room in her works for contemplation and reflection – a slowing down of pace that becomes an antidote to the fast-paced nature of modern existence.

Artist Statement

Divine Machina explores the human body in relation to artificial intelligence (AI), and investigates how our existence as we know it is shifting into new, unfamiliar territory.
In a world where AI is developing rapidly and humans coexist with non-human, ‘machine’ beings, many people see technology as a new way towards enlightenment. In the decades to come, AI will lead to embodied entities with power and intelligence that goes so far beyond our own knowledge – machine gods made of metal, electricity running through their veins.
How do we prepare for a future that has already begun, where our minds and bodies are augmented with AI? Do we grieve for this loss of human identity? How do we face the dangers AI presents?
Using photography and installation, Révész gives small glimpses into an unknown future of metal, data, reconstruction – of strange and unsettling versions of ourselves, as well as showing the human form in various states of disintegration and reformation.
Divine Machina offers a space to mourn for the flesh-and-blood life and body we once knew, and to contemplate the artificial, tech-driven future we are already falling into…