20 July - 1 August

Lucy Turnbull and Nancy Downes

Second Stretch

OPENING | Thursday 21st July 2016, 6.30pm – 8pm
GUEST SPEAKER | Mary-Jean Richardson, Artist and Lecturer, Adelaide Central School of Art

This collaboration manifest through a concentration of energy over a short stretch, resulting in a crucible effect of reduction. It was a circuitry process of call and response, where the shapes, patterns and offcuts of bodily actions were reassembled and reassigned in a shared ecology. There was a process of strengthening at play, where a doubling back and increasing of intensity occurred with each turn or gesture. In this way, the objects collected speak to the systems of actions performed in the space.

These collaborative works are situated conceptually in a twilight, shade or chiaroscuro of sorts. The visual language employed offers space for extended silences, where the senses, haptic and otherwise, are encouraged to prevail through a series of pivotal elements. The work articulates a constant flux between the nature of humans toward accumulation and an ultimate void, a vastness into which all things dissolve. The former operates here as complex and active strata; the latter, an undefined and unknown space, a place to disappear and appear. These ‘lacunae’ are threaded between and throughout works; offering mimetic registers of affect that are “forever re-beginning, forever new”.

This project is proudly supported by Adelaide Central School of Art and Brooklyn Brewery.

“It’s about the magnitude of realising and accepting that we are made up of these complex layers – psychological, emotional and physical. All of these things remembered in this one body.”