4 November - 3 December

Janine Dello

Bedtime Stories

BEDTIME STORIES is a reflection on the rhythms and rituals of sleep. Alongside this, the bedroom as a space for expressing and constructing identity.

This series of intimately scaled paintings is driven by lived experience of collective isolation and the private contemporary spaces we occupy. The artist’s lived experience of insomnia transforms the sleep ritual and bedroom into zones of tension. She oscillates between desperation for sleep and feelings of dread around the long sleepless night. The works’ soft, muted palette exudes a dream-like atmosphere, while their intimate scale evokes both closeness and voyeurism.

Janine Dello is a South Australian artist. She explores the female subject, surrounded by the contemporary pressures of perfection. She investigates human desires for love, belonging and pursuit of beauty. These are explored through the lens of private rituals, driven by unspoken, intimate narratives.