22 September - 14 October

Patrick Cassar

Shallow Focus

During a challenging period in childhood, by the age of eight Cassar started drawing intensely. This became a way to find his footing at school. It enabled his learning abilities and increased his confidence to further his education. Art became a way of communicating, engaging with the world through his own visual language.

In “Shallow Focus” Cassar explores the vast dimensions of dream theory and its interpreted symbolism within the state of delirium and lucidity. Investigating how the human mind attempts to make sense of our deepest feelings and anxieties through the creation of unusual scenarios as we dream. The work examines human emotions through portraiture and a sensitivity of entwined narratives that the subjects share with each other and their surroundings.

Cassar explores how to convey inner feelings within a nonverbal language constraint, placing human figures within dream-like settings and other worldly sublime landscapes. Cassar’s internal feelings, which he finds hardest to convey, are explored through the use of these surroundings – they become a vessel to investigate emotions visually.