20 July - 27 August

Dan Withey

Kindness is a Boomerang

SALA 2021 Exhibition | Double Finalist, City of Adelaide Incubator Award (Artist), City of Onkaparinga Emerging Curator Award

Dan Withey’s new body of work depicts his signature multifaceted characters, amusing in their eccentric humanity. He continues his investigation of abstract and figurative storytelling through anthropomorphic, playful forms such as birds, rainbows and architecture.

But the lightness and fun of his “mad quirky paintings” is balanced by a rich inner world and sincere investigation of our challenging realities. The work is grounded in a sense of place, with the significant influence of Adelaide.

Kindness is a Boomerang’s bright, eccentric paintings are rich with Withey’s own visual language, informed by his training as an illustrator. Along with Withey, we find our way through the vacillating absurdities of life. His work aims to foster kindness, or at least the simple attempt “not to be a dick” in a world of polarity and judgement. Kindness is a Boomerang continues to chart his own personal path, making sense of the human strangeness in our interior worlds and in others.