9 May - 1 June

James Brett

Through tropes of capitalism, pop culture and philosophy James Brett creates new dialogues that evoke dormant truths about us, our world and our future. Using innate consumption as a core catalyst in his practise Brett blurs the line between freedom and fallacy with a soft nod to the sublime. Reflecting flaws in the human condition Bretts work seeks to explore universal sincerity with a subtle sense of satire.

“Fate it seems is not without a sense of irony” – Morpheus, The Matrix (1999)

Spring boarding from this pop culture reference Brett agrees that the universe is a playful and cheeky entity with constant self awareness. This is translated through his practise’s ability to harness information gleaned from personal observations about his environment.

His process is cerebral and quasi conceptual, searching for movement in unanswerable questions. Excited by learning new processes and techniques, his practise is expansive and ever changing. In an attempt to mimc evolution as a whole, his work aligns with the notion of continuous growth. Ideas forming new ideas, one hand washing the other, the snake eating its own tail – all run though his practise.

For Brett, it seems, life is but a dream.