15 April - 7 May

Kate Kurucz

(Personal Attention)

OPENING | Thursday 15th April, 6-8pm
GUEST SPEAKER | Andrew Purvis, Curator, Adelaide Central Gallery

Heyyy Baby…..

In the 1940’s “Lonesome Gal” Jean King purred across the Dayton, Ohio airwaves to thousands of devoted listeners; 80 years later millions of hours of role-playing “personal attention” videos populate the internet. (Personal Attention) explores a shared need, evident across decades, to feel as though someone is with us and that we are not only noticed, but welcomed. A tension exists between physical and digital, sensation and illusion – the suspension of disbelief and a moment of dissonance. What do these brief, frictionless scenarios offer, and how much does it matter, if at all, that the intimacy is only imagined?

(Personal Attention) is a show driven by a year in which many of us experienced isolation and used technology to seek new forms of intimacy and connection. Drawing a link between YouTube’s popular ASMR videos and a masked radio star from the 1940’s, the work offers a window into our shared and timeless need to feel that we are not alone.

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