Lucy Turnbull is a painter and arts educator based in Adelaide. She completed a Bachelor of Visual Art (Honours) at Adelaide Central School of Art in 2010. During her studies Lucy participated in group shows in Melbourne and Sydney and has subsequently exhibited across Australia.

In 2015 Lucy participated in the New York Studio School (NYSS) Fall Drawing Marathon. The following year Lucy returned to study at the NYSS and completed a Master of Fine Arts in 2018. During her three years in New York, Lucy took part in a residency program at the Chautauqua School of Art and was the recipient of a travel award allowing her to continue her studio research in Europe. Since returning to Australia in 2019, Lucy has exhibited at Hill Smith Gallery and taken part in the Hill End Artist in Residence Program.

Lucy’s recent works respond to her familial environment through paint, observing the objects and debris amassed over time. Highlighting quiet compositions in her backyard, Lucy draws from rhythmic limbs of a tree lassoed to a fence, wood stacks framing a shed and a worn top fading into shadows. By paying close attention to the effect of light in these spaces and the people who circle through them, she seeks to record her experience of and connection to home.