Zoe Freney is an artist, writer and educator based in the Adelaide Hills. She has shown in group and solo exhibitions in South Australia and her work has been included in international exhibitions in India, America and Scotland. Her work has been shortlisted in various South Australian art prizes including the Fleurieu Art Prize and the Prospect Portrait Prize. Zoe is currently a candidate in the PhD program at the School of Art and Design at the Australian National University, where her project explores depictions of mothers and mothering from a matricentric feminist standpoint. Zoe is Head of Department (Art History & Theory) at Adelaide Central School of Art.

Zoe Freney’s practice investigates the lived experience of mothering and her own mutable mother identity. For Life Forms she produces a series of undergarments, hand sewn from painter’s 10oz unprimed Belgian linen. Utilitarian, rough and sensual, these intimate structures define and control the limits of the physical body. Painters linen, a ground for genius, is here relinquished to a more traditionally feminine mode of creativity, as sewing becomes thinking in fabric.

Zoe also draws the garments, tracing their fullnesses and folds in a practice that helps situate her own body in the world, through the reflexivity of measuring and making.