Ellen Sleeman-Taylor works with both digital and traditional media, at times hybridising the two. She creates Augmented Reality Applications that overlay digital information onto drawings and uses 3D printers to create elements of her sculptures and wall-hanging pieces. A 2018 graduate from the ANU School of Art, Ellen received several awards in connection to those studies including the ANU School of Art & Design Drawing Prize for her work Bird Years as well as two solo exhibitions. Ellen has shown widely in the ACT and sparsely in Sydney and Melbourne. She is thrilled to be making her debut in Adelaide at Praxis Artspace.

Ellen is interested in how the nature/culture binary, linked by feminist philosophers and sociologists to the male/female binary, asserts itself in a digitized and hybridised world. Sherry B. Ortner found that the experience of a physical body and an idea of a non-physical mind is universal across all cultures. Although thought and emotion are physical functions, we experience a disassociation between our mind and body. This separation is a much-explored topic in science fiction; the mind living on without the body in a utopic realm, transcending the need for a physical home and free from the “faults” of the body with its needs, it’s desires and the differentiating markers of to whom and where the body is born. In this vision of a utopia all that has been othered is homogenised into one collective identity and thus, is destroyed.

As many of us are thrust into a world in which our community is only available to us digitally, the result has been a surge in self-reported loneliness. But not everyone who is isolated is lonely. In Ellen’s digital paintings and accompanying essay, she plays with how she, dead historical figures, the neurodivergent and young people still exploring themselves experience isolation. In the exploration of these ideas through symbolic imagery (expressed in written word and digital painting) Ellen wishes to find alternative routes to understanding ourselves, body and soul.

Watch previous video work by Ellen Sleeman-Taylor on her YouTube channel. 

Click here to read the accompnaying text 'A New Anthology of Heathen Practices' by Ellen Sleeman-Taylor

Exhibited as an online exhibition these works exist in a seemingly ‘unreal’ or suspended state, waiting to be transformed into the analogue through printing. For the physical presentation of the exhibition Presence at praxis ARTSPACE in 2021, the digital paintings seen below will be printed on silk.

Watch an artist talk with Ellen Sleeman-Taylor here

Click here to view the Exhibition Floor-Sheet for Presence . Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to arrange a purchase.