11 March - 1 April

Angelique Joy


Angelique Joy is a multidisciplinary artist, working primarily with the construction of visual narrative. Her work utilises photography, set construction, costume design, text, and video installation to explore key aspects of identity formation, and to question societal frameworks.

Angelique uses tension within her imagery to critique and disrupt societal archetypes and culturallyconstructed frameworks. The tensions created with juxtaposition and textural detail invite us to question ourgiven reality; objects in spaces that seem to oppose each other and people in dissonant situations. Angelique’s constructed narratives embody powerful symbolism, and seek to challenge preconceived notions of identity and disrupt tradition.

“ Queer is by definition whatever is at odds with the ‘normal’, the legitimate, the dominant….. [Queer] describes a horizon of possibility whose precise extent and heterogeneous scope cannot in principle be delimited in advance.” – Saint Foucault, David Halperin, 1995

What does it mean to be, to be, an ‘I’? To be a whole self? What does it mean for this ‘I’ to be told here are the rules and you shall not deviate from this reality? What does it mean for an ‘I’ to live within this reality and know in their bones that it is all just a game… some kind of collective illusion. Here, take this pill. Except we don’t swallow, we play and we resist. We reject the ways in which we are told we are allowed to experience our ‘Self’. And so we fight to make space for an ‘I’ to be all that we can imagine and feel, to feel past the edges of the rules we have been given. NONE of it is real, and it is ALL up for discussion. Here, in the absence of you, we make spaces to forever unfurl and constantly bloom.
Play with me?

Watch an artist talk with Angelique Joy here

Presence creates spaces of autonomous self-reflection and explores how these spaces are navigated by the body. The body becomes the point of departure; its dimensions and the space it occupies, the narratives it holds and how these unfold around it. The reinterpretation of bodily presence evokes the queer or gender non-conforming body, allowing for a tender consideration of how we perform gender and identity.

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