11 March - 1 April

Danny Jarratt


Danny Jarratt (b. 1990 Kaurna Land, Adelaide) is an emerging queer digital artist exploring installation art. His work reflects a keen interest in the intersection of pop culture, queer theory and resistance.

His installations function as micro utopias and queer counterpublics which allow people to escape the imposing day to day ideologies and expectations, with fun and convenient methods, such as videogame design. He graduated at the University of South Australia with Bachelor of Art & Design (Honours) and currently is undertaking a residency at George Street Studios.

As his practice develops Jarratt looks to develop more accessible ways to create resistance through installations. BreakHaus is a sculpture which invites sitting, watching and listening to create a pocket dimension where time moves differently and heteronormativity is paused if only for a moment. His work has been exhibited at MOD., FELTspace, Collective Haunt, Seventh Gallery and Praxis Artspace.

Danny’s video work ‘A New System’ will be screened on the Adelaide Festival Centre outdoor media screens for the months of May-June, tangential to the online exhibition.

Explore the design for installation work to be installed at Praxis Artspace in 2021.

Watch an artist talk with Danny Jarratt here

Presence creates spaces of autonomous self-reflection and explores how these spaces are navigated by the body. The body becomes the point of departure; its dimensions and the space it occupies, the narratives it holds and how these unfold around it. The reinterpretation of bodily presence evokes the queer or gender non-conforming body, allowing for a tender consideration of how we perform gender and identity.

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Danny Jarratt, ‘The New System’, 2020, Digital Animation, 5 minutes: 21 seconds.