“ We were searching for ourselves in each other” - Sergei Parajanov, The Colour of Pomegranates

Family tend to reveal more of us than we readily accept.

Siblings in particular carry our histories like imperfect reflections of our genetic and lived experience.

Ingrid is my reflection.

Our relationship is forthright, tumultuous and challenging, but full of support.

Languid and non-linear, nihilistic and intimate, Sibling features physical interpretations of this support – movements that are entirely intuitive and intentionally unchoreographed. They are responses to each other’s presence, the climate of the present and an impression of a complex familial relationship.

Both identifying outside conventional gendered experience, the work explores the tension here between our biological identifiers and self-defined identities. The support found in our relationship guides our navigation of both gendered experience and adversity. Sibling asks viewers to consider our relationships, our support networks and how these impact our reality.

Watch an artist talk with Henry Wolff here

Henry Wolff, Sibling, 2020, Feat. Ingrid Wolff, single channel video, 7 minutes: 22 seconds. Videography Jai McGregor, Recal Media.

The video work Sibling and printed photographic stills are available for aquisition. Click the link below to download the complete pricelist.

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